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RSW Living: July/August 2017 Issue

Jun 26, 2017 10:52PM ● By Kevin
Taking care of ourselves is what the July/August issue of Times of the Islands is all about. No matter what your age or lifestyle, your health is the most important thing that you have, and this issue will show you the best ways to make a healthier and happier you. Information about exercising, nutrition, mental health and just feeling good—that's what this issue has in store for you.

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Sunshine State Specials Florida hotels are offering all kinds of summer packages and discounts - Jun 26 2017 1032PM

Sunshine State Specials: Florida hotels are offering all kinds of summer packages and discounts

No matter where you want to go in the Sunshine State or how active you want your getaway to be, there’s a hotel with a summer deal or special. Read More » 


Uncle a shaman from Greenland is a passionate and outspoken messenger on climate change or what he calls the

The Melting Ice: in both our world and our hearts

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition connecting the physical and spiritual worlds. Among many indigenous cultures, shamans are the spiritual and ceremonial leaders. Read More » 


Dining poolside at the Vista Mar grill Photo by Gina Birch

Eating Well in Havana: Cuban culinary scene is thriving

The culinary scene of Havana is thriving with inventive, creative cuisine. Read More » 


Spin City Indoor cycling practically addicting heres to your better health - Jun 26 2017 1001PM

Spin City! Indoor cycling, practically addicting, here’s to your better health

It’s no wonder that so many of us are in spin or indoor cycling classes―they’re practically addicting, reducing stress, your waistline and the impact of running on knees and ankles. Read More » 


Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park warden Alberto Estevanovich has helped in restoring Grand Caymans blue iguana population Photo by Glenn V Ostle

Rebirth of the Blues: Colorful Cayman iguanas rebounding, saving a species, work still ahead

An ongoing effort on the part of a dedicated group of people on Grand Cayman has brought the island’s resident blue iguana back from the brink of extinction. Read More » 


Shuffleboard has been played in Florida since about 1913 It dates back centuries to a game of sliding large coins Photo courtesy of Lee County Shuffleboard Club

Slipping a Disc: Shuffleboard regaining its charm, a game for the ages

Unseen by those of us outside the sport, shuffleboard is booming in Florida, with thousands of men and women playing. Read More »