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RSW Living: September/October 2017 Issue

Aug 28, 2017 06:12PM ● By Kevin
This month, we celebrate man's unlimited capacity for creative expression. They say that art is in the eye of the beholder, and we aim to give you "an eyeful" of it - painting, architecture, dance, music and more. Plus, we explore design trends as well as fashion. If creativity is your thing, this issue will both satisfy and inspire.

Read some of our top stories below.

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SoCo Cool Artists Carve a Neighborhood Niche South of Colonial - Aug 28 2017 0505PM

SoCo Cool! Artists Carve a Neighborhood Niche South of Colonial

Climbing aboard the branding strategy of previously neglected U.S. neighborhoods rich in culture, the SoCo Cultural District launched in October 2016. Read More » 


Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre offers direct Broadway and New York-quality stage performances Chicago pictured with the option of a c hefs meal a true experience Photo courtesy of Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

Happy Anniversary! Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre’s 25-year Celebration

The venue has entertained at least a million of us, has introduced kids to performance art, and today is the centerpiece of the revitalized Royal Palm Square retail district in Fort Myers. Read More » 


Photo courtesy of Coopers Hawk

Find the Perfect Pairing at Cooper’s Hawk

California-style wine experience comes to Naples. The Napa-style tasting room and restaurant opened in March 2016. Read More » 


Photo courtesy of Little Palm Island

Little Palm Island: Just South of Miami, a Semi-deserted Isle, a No Cellphone Zone

While brochures and T-shirts worn by some staff (130 full-time) urge guests to “Get Lost,” the only type of lost you are on this South Seas-style resort island is a state of mind. Read More » 


Photo courtesy of Clyde Butcher

Picture Perfect: 5 SWFL Photographers who Allow Cameras to Tell Their Stories

TOTI Media has picked a handful of those representing the creativity and originality of Florida visualists. Read More » 


Art Gallery Bob Rauschenberg Gallery at FSW State College

Florida’s Creative Class: Their Work Helps Drive the Economy, Thousands of Jobs at Stake

In Lee County alone, the creative class produces $140 million in annual activity—supporting thousands of jobs and generating some $18.8 million in government revenues. Read More »