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Useppa Island Club's Welcome Back Party Slated for Nov. 10-11

Nov 01, 2017 05:30PM ● By Kevin

Photo courtesy of Useppa Island Club & Property Company.

Useppa Island Club, a truly private Island club dedicated to the pure art of relaxation and recreation of our members, owners and guests, will hold its "Members Welcome Back" party on Nov. 10 and 11. Between now and the event, new members will still be eligible to attend.

Useppa Island is situated within the famous tropical isles of the Southwest coast of Florida. It is only a 15-minute boat ride from the rigors of the mainland "while the world seems a million miles away."

"Every holiday is perfect for Useppa, so of course, we're all looking forward to Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years," said membership director and real estate manager Rogan White. "We also offer year-round wedding planning, so those groups create a fantastic atmosphere on the island and offer a fantastic experience for all involved."

Bocilla Marina, the island's short port, is located in Bokeelia at the northern tip of Pine Island. This is where the club launch operates daily multiple runs to and from the island. A short, 20-minute boat ride "whisks you to paradise," according to the club's Facebook page.

White confirmed Hurricane Irma effected the club much like many others in Southwest Florida. It took about a week of business operation away for preparation and another week or two for recovery.

"Thankfully, the recovery was a positive atmosphere, since many of us were worried of a repeat of 2004's Charlie, or worse," White said. "We have not changed anything regarding our day-to-day operation following the storm. We're simply pretending it didn't happen!"

The island of Useppa has been inhabited, in one way or another for thousands of years, White explained. So, to local residents, this is not outside the ordinary.

"As Floridians, we have accepted the presence of hurricanes and the fact we will need to withstand one or another over our lifetimes," he said. "Useppa Island Club will continue to offer the most exclusive waterfront destination in southwest Florida to our Club Members. And we will work tirelessly when Mother Nature requires us to, to ensure our Members still have a special island to escape."

New discoveries led to the re-opening of the Useppa Island Club in 1976. Garfield Beckstead, who purchased the island that year, set upon the task of restoring it to its former elegance, according to the club's website.

Beckstead has owned the island longer than any other owner, and has dedicated his time to preserving the island’s history and qualitative standards. "Useppa will always maintain the Old-Florida style of elegant charm that its history dictates," the website continues. "The Useppa Island Club and its individual property owners continue to be driven by a vision of excellence founded on the island’s centuries-old tradition of gracious hospitality, and its long legacy of historical significance."

Club members and their guests enjoy full access to the island and its facilities and will receive invitations to all club functions, like the event on Nov. 10 and 11. Club activities are frequent, with parties, special events, seasonal traditions, special interest clubs and much more. Members also enjoy special privileges in using club facilities for hosting private business, family or guest functions.

For more information, visit the club's website.