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As I look back and reflect on each month going back to March of this year, I can say it has been far removed from any normal experience—as it has been for so many people and businesses in our area. We all, as a business community, have been impacted and are facing financial uncertainties. Everyone wonders how to make it through this rough time.

Things easily accomplished before are now out of reach or have become very difficult. We are not able to dine in a restaurant on a regular basis, or be with friends and family, because we all have to protect each other. We question all travel methods and thus it is problematic or almost impossible to visit family members. When watching the news, we see only devastating and destructive stories, and begin to wonder: Where is the love, compassion and civil behavior we should show each other?

Heidi Schmitz


These are trying times in which everyone has to make the best of it. I am happy that I was able to see an excellent exhibit by the Munich-based artist Heidi Schmitz at the Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center in early March. Unfortunately, the artist had to return to Germany soon after the opening because of imminent travel restrictions.

David Acevedo

A few months later, on July 3, I returned to the SBDAC to see another outstanding and thoughtfully planned show, this time by our well-known local artist David Acevedo. We all know that social distancing is in our day-to-day vocabulary now. The artist and his team have to be commended on how well the exhibit was organized—to ensure the safety of every visitor. It was a great experience! And I thank every one of our local business leaders who follow safe and
precautionary measures.

While being quarantined and following social distancing, I have also been practicing my cooking skills. I’ve been creating authentic new dishes by using recipes from around the world. Everyone who has tasted one of my creations knows that my theme is “Love goes through the stomach.” Each dish I make is prepared from scratch. My aim is to do the very best to prepare and serve the “outcome” like a piece of art on a plate.

Actually, the approach I use for my cooking skills is very similar to what can be applied when managing our day-to-day business. I have to reset every day when creating new dishes. This requires a reconnection to my cooking skills before starting to focus on the preparation of each of the ingredients—which is mise enplace. Only when everything is in place can one start the creative process by following the “Reset-Reconnect-Focus” structure. It is hoped, when completed, that I have made a masterpiece!

That is also my everyday tactic when managing our business: to reset, by getting our act together, and then to reconnect and to focus. Along the way, one has to fine-tune and adjust, the
same way one might add a pinch more salt to a dish before serving it, to achieve the desired result.

Right now, all over the world, the daily routine for everyone has been in turmoil. We all feel that there is no ordinary method to follow since things have changed so significantly. I believe that by practicing the “Reset-Reconnect-Focus” plan, success will ultimately be the outcome and guide us toward the “New Normal.”

Daniela J. Jaeger
Group Publisher, TOTI Media