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What’s Hot in Southwest Florida (March/April 2021)

What’s Hot in Southwest Florida (March/April 2021) [18 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

FRESH FEET This deodorizing shoe dryer is perfect for the outdoors type, or anyone who gets caught in a Florida thunderstorm or whose work shoes often get damp and stinky. IRIS USA provides direct heat to dry and freshen soggy shoes. $83.99; 

WATCH YOUR BAND Durable, comfortable and stylish, Braxley Bands provide Apple Watch lovers with some alternative wrist wear. Great for outdoor enthusiasts, the bands flex with your hand, are made from moisture-wicking fabric and are machine washable. For each band sold, one tree is planted through $32;

UPSTANDING CANS This first-of-its-kind unspillable beverage cooler is ideal for a rocking boat or bumpy golf cart. Innovative Smartgrip technology allows the Can Cooler to stick to any smooth surface, keeping your drink upright, accident-free and icy cold. It comes in three sizes. $28; 

GOODBYE PLASTIC From takeout containers to disposable gloves to grocery bags, the use of single-use plastic skyrocketed during the pandemic. Reduce your use with ECOlunchbox stainless steel containers. They come in numerous sizes and shapes, with bright resealable lids and sets designed for outdoor adventures. Starting at $9.99;

CUP-O-JOE TO GO Enjoying coffee on the go is more convenient than ever with a collapsible cup from HUNU. Holding nine ounces, it folds down to two centimeters, making it easy to slip into your pocket. It’s also leakproof. Ideal for camping, hiking, cycling, canoeing and the like. $22; 

AIR PURIFIER NuWave’s OxyPure is the first air purifier proven to remove coronavirus from the air. Its advanced five-stage filter system is designed to capture 100 percent of microscopic airborne particles as small as 0.09 microns. It also eliminates lead, mold, dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, allergens and bacteria. $599; 

SOLES WITH SOUL Handmade from vegan and sustainable materials, including recycled cotton, the Bromo shoe from Solana is part of the company’s new Indonesia Collection. The outsole of this island-inspired shoe is made from plastic removed from the ocean. Stylish and durable for your outdoor and boating adventures. $180;

FRUIT BARS A convenient way to get a serving of fruit, Ekoa bars are plant based and packed with natural flavors. Gluten free and kosher, each bar has a maximum of three ingredients with no added sugar. Available in four concentrated flavors: mango, coconut, banana and pineapple.

12 pack, $19.99;

PLANT-BASED HYDRATION Hydration is important, especially when you’re outdoors or on the water. Liquid, a Tampa-based brand, is a uniquely formulated hydration beverage with non-GMO watermelon juice, plant-based branch chain amino acids, natural sweeteners and flavors, and six essential vitamins. Clean-tasting flavors include orange mango and black cherry pomegranate. 4 pack, $16.97;

PASTA STRAWS With the goal of helping to eliminate plastic straw pollution, Pasta Life has created the first eco-friendly, gluten-free pasta drinking straw. It comes in a variety of colors, three sizes and lasts 40-plus minutes in a cold drink, eliminating the mess of paper straws. 

Starting at $14.99; or Walmart

DIXIE & BASS WINES This sauvignon blanc from Washington is a refreshing, citrus-forward wine, with a name based on two colorful animal characters created by the label’s artist, nicknamed Fishboy, who fishes for recycled objects. The brand also makes a cabernet, rose and red blend, all from Washington. $18;