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LYNQ - A Unique Dining Experience in Fort Myers, Florida

Apr 21, 2021 10:11AM ● By Jessica Wagner

Photo Courtesy of Chris Whitaker

LYNQ - A Unique Dining Experience in Fort Myers, Florida [4 Images] Click Any Image To Expand

LYNQ / AMERICAN GRILLE WITH SUSHI LLC, a seafood restaurant in Fort Myers, Florida, aims to bring people together through delicious food, a fun atmosphere, and amazing service. Since opening its doors in April of 2017, LYNQ has brought culture, cuisine, and people together in a truly remarkable dining experience.

With a menu that gives people of all backgrounds something their heart desires, LYNQ offers so much more than just a meal out. Owner Chris Whitaker and his wife, Kaitlin, wanted to create a space that was desirable for all, and according to reviews, they’ve done an incredible job.

We caught up with Chris, who is just as excited about his restaurant now as when he first opened it.

What is LYNQ? How would you describe it to a friend?

We wanted to create a space where our guests could enjoy a fresh, social, fun, and eclectic experience each time they enter our doors. LYNQ is a place where we touch our guests’ senses with our global cuisine, wonderful service, music, and the perfect space. We launched in April of 2017.

What’s something you wish people knew about LYNQ?

That we are open for business! Q1 [Quarter 1] 2021 was our best quarter since we opened...nevertheless, many folks in our community still have not heard of LYNQ...Building a brand into a "household name" is a major key to true success with any business. We strive daily to reach that ultimate goal.

Personally speaking, what is your favorite thing about LYNQ?

We are in a business where people "break bread"...having a wonderful meal and conversation. Food and drink are some of the world’s favorite pastimes. Being able to provide that service to our community in the form of a business enterprise is an amazing feeling. People are at their best when they arrive. Our mission is to enlighten them with our products and hospitality and then send them out and about fully satisfied. Few businesses have that opportunity.

What is a common question you get? Your answer to it?

Do you still own Blu?  No, sold it.

Hows Blanc? Fantastic! Jean Claude and Lori are Ambassadors of excellent hospitality and cuisine. Blanc is an extraordinary restaurant.

What inspired the menu?

It’s an idea my wife and I had. We love eating out, we love food. Our idea was to create a menu in a comfortable space that anyone who enters our doors could find something that their heart desires - no matter what their ethnic background is. A global idea - creating a menu where no matter what your food desires are you would find something interesting and desirable at LYNQ.

Are you involved with or do you support any local nonprofits, community organizations, or causes?

We are involved with numerous nonprofits/charities, etc. Sam Gallaway Food Drive, Heights FoundationArts for ActPace Center for Girls, Health Park Hospital, Harry Chapin Food BankLee County Sheriffs Association, the Local High Schools. We participate in numerous auctions that service the less fortunate in our community.

Why did you choose to be in this community?

I came to SWFL from Kansas City, MO over a Christmas Holiday many moons ago. [I] fell in love with the area, went home, grabbed a few items, and came back down! Ft. Myers is my home so it made sense to begin business here.

Do you have any upcoming events, specials, or new services that people should know about?

We are launching a monthly live music series focusing on the great original music here in SWFL [on the] third Thursday of each month. The first up will be May 20th, 8:30 to 10 pm. The event will be hosted by Pacifico Rik Ferrell. The event will be acoustic-based, the featured performer will be one to two performers. The genre will be multi-rock, roots, Americana, country, reggae, etc. Find Rik at We [also] have a Daily Happy hour 4-6pm (closed on Sundays). It’s a great opportunity to taste an assortment of our offerings at a great price.

Anything else you’d like to add?

We certainly would love more local support. Come experience LYNQ. In addition, we love to support auctions, etc that benefit our community.