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“Morning Mom” Shows Love by Making Breakfast for Youth Haven Shelter

Aug 17, 2021 11:00AM ● By Jessica Wagner

Photo from original story on NBC-2

Terri Roberts, known as “Morning Mom”, lovingly cooks breakfast each morning for children and teens at the Youth Haven Shelter in Naples.

Terri is one of the people who truly care about the kids and it shows in her cooking. “There’s a difference between someone that’s just preparing food and someone who really cares,” Terri said,” NBC-2 reports.

Terri’s background assists in her love for cooking, as well, as she was a former resort conference services and catering director. When she moved to Florida, she quickly became recognized for her kind and caring heart at the youth shelter.

Many of the children and teens that she cooks for have never known a meal made with love. The Youth Haven Shelter provides housing, meals, and services to those that have been abused and neglected.

Terri explains to NBC-2, “It’s the simple things that matter and the consistency of those simple things and that’s what makes a difference...They know that I’m here [and] they know they’re important.”

For more information on the Youth Haven Shelter or to see how you can make a difference, visit their website.