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Alterations by Rita - The Woman Who Pours Love into Every Piece

Sep 27, 2021 12:52PM ● By Jessica Wagner

Rita Dascioriene works on her sewing machine in the Alterations by Rita shop on Kelly Road in Fort Myers. PHOTOS BY NINA BARBERO.

Rita Dascioriene works on her sewing machine in the Alterations by Rita shop on Kelly Road in Fort Myers. PHOTO BY NINA BARBERO.

Rita Dasciorience truly loves what she does. What started as a way to help her family turned into a personal, client-based business that makes her heart happy.

Rita began her alterations business, Alterations by Rita, in 2001 when her first grandchild was born. In order to help her daughter and have time with her grandchild, she put what she knew best and loved doing into action.

Rita has sewn all her life, so when the opportunity to open a shop came to mind, she didn’t hesitate. “I like nice clothes. I like when people are happy and when they look pretty. I love people,” Rita states.

Not only is the ease with which she completes each alteration apparent, but her love for her clients is, too. “They are wonderful. They’ve followed me for the last 20 years.” She describes her relationship with her clients as something that makes her very happy.

Dascioriene designs and creates clothing from scratch, including her daughter Daisy’s wedding dress. PHOTO BY BARRY MILLIGAN, COURTESY OF RITA DASCIORIENE.

One of her favorite memories comes as no surprise; one in which her quick skills came in handy to a family in need. Rita recalls, “When the lady came to my shop and said they are on their way to the airport and she needed help because her mom’s pants were falling apart. I took the needle and thread and came to fix it in the car. I save them time and took the pressure and stress off of them. Because of that one instance, we became very, very close friends.”

“If I can help you and make you happy, that’s all I want. This business was never about money. It was about helping my family and people.” With how well she is loved by her community, she has definitely done just that.

If you are in need of any alterations, Rita would be happy to help. You can visit the shop at 11595 Kelly Rd, 211, Fort Myers, or call 239-437-7482.