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Custom Clothing Delivers: Well-Fitted, Precise, Flattering

Nov 21, 2021 08:27PM ● By ANN MARIE O’PHELAN

Even at the finest clothing stores, clothes off the rack don’t exactly offer the perfect fit. After all, the concept of one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to variations in body sizes and shapes. What happens is clothes don’t fit, drape, or flatter the wearer. Custom-tailored clothing offers something better—a precise fit, quality materials, and a distinctive look.  


Custom clothing is something many think of for formal wear and special occasions; however, suits, jackets, trousers, vests, jeans, and more are all custom made at Brodeur Carvell Fine Apparel.  

Custom clothiers Ron Brodeur and Rob Carvell own and operate the shop at Bell Tower in Fort Myers. Carvell, has been a retail clothier for more than 35 years, while Brodeur has been in the business for 27 years and holds a certification as a master custom clothier from the Custom Tailors & Designers Association. The shop, which opened in 2003, specializes in men’s clothing. 

To achieve a perfect fit, the clothing Brodeur Carvell customizes is first carefully measured and then precisely made. The process begins with meeting the client to find out what he is looking for, such as type of outfit, colors, patterns, and details, explains Brodeur. He then takes a complete set of measurements from head to toe. He also takes three profile pictures to see posture and body traits and learn how other personal nuances may need to be considered in the design. The customer may try on various jackets and pants to see what fits right where and what needs improvement.  

Based on his many years of experience, Brodeur takes the numbers he records and applies them to the garment specifications. “I do a fitting with every garment and make necessary adjustments to ensure a perfect fit,” he says. 

While many fittings are done in the store, Brodeur also makes house calls. He will go to a client’s office or home for measurements and fittings. He also helps them with adjustments on their existing clothing, say when they have lost or gained a few pounds.  

“Now that men are back in the office, meeting with clients, attending events/galas, or simply traveling again, we see that suits are making a strong comeback,” says Brodeur. The most common custom clothing purchases are sports jackets with coordinating pants and shirts that are worn with an open collar. “Men look for versatility so they can wear the sports jacket up with dress pants or down with a pair of jeans,” adds Brodeur.   

Items that can be cross-worn with dress pants or jeans are trendy choices in men’s custom clothing. Slim and modern-fit garments with two-button peak lapels, side vents, and flap pockets, pants with a flat front and plain bottoms, and jackets with color and pattern are popular.  

The fall and winter months bring other considerations, thanks to the charity galas and social events that are in full swing. These occasions create a reason for men to freshen their wardrobes with new pieces. “Southwest Florida fall wear is very similar in weight to spring, with perhaps a more subdued color look than spring. Although spring brings out the colors more than fall, the fabric weights in Southwest Florida are the same all year round,” explains Brodeur. 

Custom clothing has become more affordable worldwide over recent years as online startup custom clothiers have entered the market. “This has prompted personal clothiers like me to offer a more simplified custom garment at similar price points, which we launched in early 2020 that continues to grow with younger clients,” explains Brodeur. The significant benefit of getting custom clothing locally instead of online is, of course, fit, seeing fabrics in person, and enjoying personal service before and after the sale. When time is of the essence, rushing an order is no problem. 

Brodeur feels that communication and service are paramount to custom clothing, and getting the details and fit right keeps clients coming back for more.   


Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers, Naples 

For more than 20 years, Joseph Wendt, founder of Joseph Wendt Custom Clothiers in Naples, has been designing and providing custom wardrobes for men. Using the finest fabrics, top-notch tailoring, and high level of personalized service, Wendt creates distinguished gentlemen’s wardrobes. His clients range from business executives and entrepreneurs to professional athletes and head coaches.  

“I create a truly unique shopping experience as I create fully bespoke wardrobes for my clients,” says Wendt. The experience includes hosting clients at his storefront in Naples, where they can browse and enjoy the atmosphere. Upon request, he will visit them at their home or office for measurements and fittings. 

Wendt works with talented clothiers in Italy who provide the highest-quality materials. Within weeks, a client can receive anything from a sport coat and shirt to a full tuxedo.  

Wendt values customer service, and often clients enlist his help in redoing their wardrobe—from head to toe—to create pieces that last for years. With nearly two decades of experience in custom clothing, he understands the importance of mastering every detail.  

“When creating a custom look for a client, it’s crucial not only to achieve a look that meets their style, desired color, fabric, and fit, but also to craft pieces that will integrate seamlessly in their everyday lifestyle,” explains Wendt. The process behind achieving that perfect look for a client manifests through unparalleled customer service, which Wendt says he makes a priority in every customer relationship. 

These days, many of his clients are looking to blend their casual, at-home style with quality pieces that emphasize a nice fit and are made of materials that don’t wear and tear. When creating custom clothing, Wendt strives to blend the client’s desire for comfort and style.  

Wendt selects colors, fabrics, patterns, and finishes that remain in line with every seasonal trend, so his pieces are tailored to be layered for easy, transitional looks. Fall fabrics, for example, tend to include gorgeous Italian cashmeres, lightweight Italian linens, and stylish shirts to layer under a sport coat. 

Wendt also works directly with a renowned Italian shoemaker, taking a client’s measurements and handcrafting a set of customized shoes.  

Outside of apparel, Wendt curates a collection of small-production Italian wines, handblown Italian glassware, gifts, and accessories—all sourced from small, family-owned Italian businesses. Walk-in visitors and lifelong clients alike say they enjoy the atmosphere and shopping experience that Wendt creates in his Naples store.  

“There is nothing else like it!” says Wendt. 


Ann Marie O’Phelan is a Southwest Florida resident and a regular contributor to TOTI Media. 



  • It fits correctly in all the right places, taking into account posture, shoulders, height, weight, and fit preference (slim, modern, classic).  

  • You can personalize garments in many ways: style details, fit, thread and buttonhole colors, lining choice, and more. 

  • You can build a wardrobe that fits your needs and lifestyle instead of buying what’s offered that season.   

  • Custom clothing is worn most often by those who are either hard to fit or like different options, such as bold colors and patterns.   

—Ron Brodeur, co-owner and custom clothier at Brodeur Carvell Fine Apparel 


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