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Sweet Relief

Jan 13, 2023 04:00PM ● By HOLLY HAMILTON

Photo courtesy of Better Together

The day after hurricane Ian hit Southwest Florida, award-winning chocolatier Norman Love was busy making pastries and chocolates for first responders and healthcare providers who worked overtime throughout the storm and in the weeks following.

While this resulted in some immediate, sweet relief, the local chocolatier wanted to do more.

Following the hurricane, Norman Love Confections created and sold 1,214 #SWFLStrong Florida Boxes of candy, with 50 percent of every purchase going to Better Together, a Southwest Florida-based nonprofit dedicated to serving families and children. The 25-piece specialty box includes seashell-shaped chocolates featuring five flavors of Southwest Florida: Key lime pie, orange, mango, lemon, and coconut, as well as a #SWFLStrong logo chocolate.


The result was a donation of $36,074 to Better Together to support the nonprofit in assisting families hardest hit by hurricane Ian.

“Our entire team at Norman Love Confections is so grateful to our customers for the overwhelming and generous response to our #SWFLStrong Florida Box and the chance to help our community following the devastation of hurricane Ian,” says Norman Love, founder and CEO of Norman Love Confections.

“So many families lost everything, and Better Together is literally going door to door in the hardest-hit areas distributing food, water, and other relief supplies directly to families,” continues Love. “I was able to join them for a visit to a family in Harlem Heights, where I witnessed their boots-on-the-ground support as they helped a family who lost so much due to the storm by giving them a new bed for their toddler, providing them food and essential household supplies, and even coordinating a dental appointment for the toddler. I’m truly grateful to everyone who supported us during this heartbreaking time for Southwest Florida.”

Better Together has been providing a variety of resources to families in response to hurricane Ian, including temporary child care for first responders and families who need a safe environment for their children, distributing food and supplies to families in need, and connecting displaced job seekers with resources and employment opportunities.

“This gift from Norman Love Confections is helping hundreds of families across Southwest Florida, many who have lost everything after hurricane Ian,” says Megan Rose, CEO of Better Together. “We are beyond grateful for the generosity of Norman and his customers who supported us through the #SWFLStrong Florida Box. This is accelerating the work that we’re doing to impact more lives in our community.”

Holly Hamilton is a Southwest Florida-based storyteller focusing on people, places, and partnerships.

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