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Bat Yam Temple of the Islands Announces New Cookbook

Oct 03, 2023 08:00AM ● By Tanya Hochschild

Photo by Igal Ness on Unsplash

Calling all foodies! With the taste of the traditional food of the High Holy Days, the round challah, the apples and honey, pomegranates, the kugels fresh in our memories, Bat Yam Temple of the Islands would like to announce a forthcoming cookbook, “Cooking With Bat Yam Temple of the Islands.” 

The genesis of the cookbook came from an idea after our Passover meal, which was catered for by the Bat Yam Seder Committee. The fifty guests raved about the meal and requested recipes. This cookbook delivers. You will find chopped liver, chopped herring, charoset, chicken soup with matzo balls, brisket, different kinds of kugel and many other dishes which extend beyond the Passover meal. The authors of the cookbook also extend beyond the original committee; friends and family have contributed their recipes handed down from generation to generation, many of them not found anywhere else. 

As with many other cultures, Jews celebrate, mourn and share around the dining room table. Food is always a part of our ongoing story. But there is more to the cookbook than treasured recipes. The proceeds are going towards rebuilding our Temple and community after the ravages of Hurricane Ian. Our wish is to continue providing weekly Shabbat services, and observe holidays throughout the entire Jewish calendar, High Holy Days services, Torah study classes, numerous adult education programs as well as raising money for local charities.

Bat Yam’s first cookbook was published in 2007 and is still being used today. This cookbook is a proud product of the next generation of Bat Yam Congregants. The cost is $10 and the book will be ready for sale for Hannukah or for Christmas stocking stuffers, birthdays and housewarming gifts. For more information and how to receive the book please email [email protected]. Do not concern yourself if you are not local, the book can be shipped directly to family and friends at a minimal cost. Once you open the book you too will experience the aroma of traditional foods which feed the soul and nourish the body.