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RSW Living Magazine

McTarnaghan Hall
Room 120
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Explore the nature trails that will take you through a variety of wetland and upland habitats and enjoy special moments with the wildlife that also live on campus. • The trails are marked with green metal trail hikers () • Respect wildlife. You are visiting the habitat of many creatures that also call FGCU home. Enjoy the moment and observe the animals from a safe distance. Do not feed. • Tell a friend of your hiking plan and bring your cell phone. • Leave no trace. Take out what you take in. This is a conservation area, so please dispose of FLORIDA waste properly . (Recycling and waste receptacles can be found on the main campus} . • No fires are allowed anywhere in the conservation areas. GULF COAST • All FGCU policies and regulatio ns apply . UNIVERSITY • University Police: Emergency (239} 590-1911; Non-emergency (239} 590-1900